How to Boost Your Energy

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I have been putting a lot of thought into Life Coaching concepts and I’d like to share my beliefs on the root cause of many peoples’ problems when it comes to feeling depleted or drained.

I often use analogies or metaphors in my work, so here is my take on how we can understand why so many of us say we are “tired” or “have no energy” and what we can do about it.

There are three main concepts when it comes to personal energy:

1. Eliminate the clog

If you have clogged arteries, the blood doesn’t flow. The same is true for clogged drains or pipes. When the blood doesn’t flow or the water doesn’t drain, we may end up with some major catastrophe. Sometimes we need to unclog the pipes. If there is too much accumulation of debris (unwanted waste), we will end up with a blockage. If we imagine that debris is our emotional stress, physical clutter, or other unwanted things we want out of our life, this is what can block our energy flow.

  • Make a list of these unwanted items/situations. Work on eliminating one item at a time to help unclog the energy flow. It’s not easy and sometimes it takes another person to help us with this. This will help the energy flow better.

2. Close the drains and fix the leaks

Imagine trying to fill up a sink with water. In my bathroom, I have one of those stubborn metal levers that you pull on to close the drain. If the drain doesn’t close properly, down the sink goes the water. I try to fill the sink with water as it’s going down the drain. Or imagine you have a big pool, and it springs a leak. You have to keep adding water to the pool until you get the leak fixed.Β  This is an analogy to trying to boost yourself up with positive and helpful energy, and as fast as you are adding it to your energy pool, it’s going down the drain or leaking out. It’s important to get those stoppers and leaks fixed so that you can reserve that precious energy for when you really need it.

  • Reflect on what your energy drains are. Fix them or eliminate them altogether. When these drains are corrected, the energy you have will be allocated in a positive direction.

3. Keep the positive energy flowing and utilized in the most efficient way possible

I know for myself, I get a boost of mental and physical energy when I exercise. It gets my blood pumping and keeps the positive energy flowing. I have better energy flow when I feel happy, when I am productive and when I have exciting plans (travel, projects, etc.). I feel energized after a great nights’ sleep. Plus, I feel more energy after drinking one of my favourite caffeinated beverages. πŸ™‚

  • Explore where your supply of positive energy comes from. Make sure you get a sufficient dose on a regular basis so that you have enough energy to handle whatever may come your way. Life isn’t always easy, so we need lots of energy in storage to handle those difficult times. This will ensure we have the energy to “get back up again.”

Please share your experiences and thoughts on the subject of energy drains and energy boosts.

Angela G. Gentile, MSW RSW, Specialist in Aging


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