Writing Style Guide for Care to Age

I welcome inquiries for complimentary guest posts on the Care to Age Blog. Stories and articles that do well are those that inspire, educate, inform, or entertain older adults and those who care about them. I am a strong supporter of healthy, balanced, holistic living, and aging well. Please submit your ideas to me, Angela G. Gentile, via the contact form below.

If approved for submission, you will provide an outline of your article. Angela will review and provide some feedback if needed. Then together you and Angela will determine a deadline. Please note, submitted articles are subject to editing by Angela for grammar, brevity, and style. 

Guidelines for your written article are outlined in the following Writing Style Guide (a living document which will be updated as questions arise).

  1. Ownership – The article will remain yours. You will be given credit for writing it.
  2. Bio – Include a short bio, one or two lines, on who you are and what your background and interests are.
  3. Language – You can use US or British English, you just have to be consistent. 
  4. Reading Level ­­– To be inclusive as possible, I aim for a reading level of grade 8. 
  5. Length – Most of my readers like articles that are about 600 – 700 words long. The article can be shorter or longer based on your topic and as approved by Angela.
  6. Formatting and Appearance – Keep the layout simple, as I will edit it using the WordPress formatting which is very basic. (ex., no tabs or special indenting) Please note where you think these should go or leave it up to me to decide. 
  7. Lists – My readers like to see one or two lists. Use bullets or dashes for any list.
  8. Photo – Provide a photo that you own or have rights to use. 
  9. Links – You can provide up to two links, preferably at the end of the article. 
  10. References – Any claims regarding health or statistics should include a reference which will be added at the bottom of the article with the heading, “References:”
  11. Sharing – You will be given a link to the finished article and you will share the link with your followers. As will I. 

Any questions? Please ask. Thanks for your interest!

Angela G. Gentile