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Based on chapter 14 of the book, Caring for a Husband with Dementia: The Ultimate Survival Guide, this mobile app provides a handy reference to 25 of the most difficult behaviours of dementia. These tips were developed by Angela G. Gentile, Social Worker/Specialist in Aging, and Karen Tyrell, Dementia Consultant, and Educator.

We have been listening to you!

Based on the great feedback we have been receiving, we are currently working on some improvements for the app. The new version will have a section on Self-Care Basics and My Notes, and there will be other minor additions to enhance the user experience.  Watch this page for news of when the update is available. If you already own the app, you will be provided an update notification or it will update automatically for you depending on your settings.


Tips for managing these challenging behaviours are included:

  1. Aggression (Verbal and Physical)
  2. Anxiety/Agitation
  3. Bathing
  4. Catastrophic Reactions
  5. Delirium
  6. Delusions (False Beliefs)
  7. Depressed Mood
  8. Doesn’t Recognize Others
  9. Doesn’t Recognize Self
  10. Dressing
  11. Hallucinating
  12. Hiding Possessions
  13. Inactivity
  14. Incontinence
  15. Poor Eating Habits
  16. Refusing Care
  17. Repetition
  18. Repetitive Sounds
  19. Rummaging/Hoarding
  20. Sexual Expression
  21. Sleeping Problems
  22. Sundowning
  23. Unsafe Driving
  24. Wandering
  25. Wants to “Go home”

NOTE:  This app will be helpful to everyone who cares for someone living with dementia.

First version launched March 2, 2015.

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_DSC6285 w linkedin profile photoAngela G. Gentile, M.S.W., R.S.W. is a Specialist in Aging who has more than 25 years of experience working with older adults and their families in a variety of capacities. She has worked in private practice, long-term care, home care, health care, and non-profit organizations. She is a realistic optimist who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and two children.


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