A Book About Burnout


A Book About Burnout: One Social Worker’s Tale of Survival (2015)

A Book About Burnout is a personal memoir based on the struggle (and survival) of a social worker in healthcare who was able to learn and grow from the experience. This “Wounded Healer” offers hope for those who are experiencing compassion fatigue and job stress and provides helpful lists and insight into how to survive burnout. Resources are also listed for further exploration of the topic.

eBook for Kindle released on Amazon on 07 Sep 2015.

What others are saying:

“A Book About Burnout: One Social Worker’s Tale of Survival” by Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW is filled with helpful ideas to be implemented right away and the power of it all is generated from the author’s own deeply emotional and explored personal experiences. We know that most of our wisdom comes from our experiences, and the book shares her experiences truthfully and in-depth as she evolved through the challenges she faced. By doing so, she offers quiet and dignified permission and encouragement of others to seek the help and guidance to see them through their challenges…and away from burnout.  – Alan S. Wolkenstein, MSW

Angela – I just wanted you to know that I got your book on burnout and found a great deal of useful information in it. Thanks so much for putting your story out there so that others can benefit! All the best.  – Suellen Fagin-Allen, JD, LMHC. Your Mindful Counsellor

No one in the helping professions is immune to the dangers of burnout and compassion fatigue. Angela Gentile has been there and survived to write a first-rate prescription for recognizing, treating and recovering from professional caregiver burnout. I highly recommend this little volume that’s packed with wisdom as an addition to every helping professional’s library. – Amazon Customer – http://amzn.to/1lJrQzu

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Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW is a clinical social worker who specializes in aging. She has helped hundreds of people who are struggling with the challenges aging can bring. Angela is passionate about challenging ageist myths and stereotypes and exploring what it means to age well. She considers herself a realistic optimist but she still can’t tell her left from her right. Find out more at www.angelaggentile.com.