Table of Contents

3dcover (2)Caring for a Husband with Dementia:

The Ultimate Survival Guide (2015)

by Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW


Part One – Introductory Information About Dementia

1. Knowing Something Isn’t Right
2. Getting a Diagnosis
3. Understanding Dementia

Part Two – Emotional Considerations

4. Understanding Caregiving
5. Personal Power Grid
6. Asking for Help
7. Practical and Emotional Support
8. How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout
9. Improving Self-Esteem
10. Long-Term Care Placement
11. Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Part Three – Practical Tips

12. A New Way of Communicating
13. When to Consult a Physician
14. Coping with Difficult Behaviours
15. Abuse and Neglect

The Wife Caregiver Project has helped women feel more confident in their abilities. They have gained greater insight and are better able to accept their situation. Their caregiver burden has been reduced. The program was developed by Angela G. Gentile, a clinical social worker. The most pertinent findings are shared within these pages, in order to support wives like you who may be feeling stressed or uncertain about their futures.

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