Eat Less Often, Live More: What one year of intermittent fasting taught me

Eat less often

The beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is becoming one of the most talked-about and researched weight loss and health management tools. In this short ebook, Angela G. Gentile explains what it is, how it can benefit you, and how it helped her and her husband lose weight. IF can enhance any diet and it can also help make you feel better. In this easy-to-read book, you will be inspired and motivated to try this safe and healthy way of eating (and not eating!).

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What people are saying:

*****  “Angela does it again! This book is well written and easy to understand. It’s perfect for beginners! The explanations are on spot. Before reading it, I was unaware that there were different ways to fast. I only knew about 24-hour fasting. Her book helps you decide which one is right for you. For anyone interested in fasting I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book before you get started.” – Maria L. Barr (Amazon review)

***** “I had never really understood what intermittent fasting was, but this book explains intermittent fasting in a way that anyone can understand. Clear and concise.” – Farmgirl478 (Amazon review)

***** “Good book for beginners. It helps explain intermittent fasting in a way that makes sense. As an active senior, I learned through yoga, that inflammation is common in those who are aging. Intermittent fasting helps activate my glandular system, thereby reducing the inflammation. It helps lessen puffiness. Includes helpful links and resources.” – Virginia Wilson (Goodreads review)

***** “Amazing and informative. This book is extremely helpful, it is very well written and easy to follow. It shows you the benefits of intermittent fasting, and also gives you strategies on how to incorporate it with other diet plans. Hearing about the author’s personal experiences inspires me to realize that results are attainable. It is short, sweet and to the point. Very concise. I highly recommend it.” – Sheila Roy (Amazon review)