You’re Getting Old!


Time is ticking…

Useless trivia time! I came across this website that has some mildly interesting and unique facts that are based on a birth date. It’s called “You’re Getting Old!” You can enter your own birth date or that of someone else and come up with a whole bunch of useless information. Ha!

You can find out how many days old you are, or how many candles you’ve “lit” in your lifetime. You can find out when you will hit special milestones. For example, do you know what day you turn 20,000 days old? I do. And if I live to be 40,000 days old I’ll be almost 110. That will be on the 24th of September, in 2075!

There is so much I have learned, including:

  • The number of people on earth has more than doubled since I was born.
  • I have taken over 404 million breaths. (The number rolls over every breath I take, just like the odometer on the car.)

You can find out what special events occurred in history during your lifetime and how old you were. How old were you when the World Wide Web was announced to the public by Tim Berners-Lee? Were you even alive yet?

Check out this fun website for some useless trivia because, You’re Getting Old!


Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW



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