Purple Was the Colour to Wear!



I am so glad I wore my purple suit to the Forget-Me-Not Fair at River Ridge Retirement Residence! When I arrived, there was purple everywhere! It was a very enjoyable event and was a successful fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. My table was set up at River Ridge Retirement Residence near the “Post Office” and I had many people come by to ask questions about my book, other products and services.

There were about 7-8 other vendors onsite as well. I added their information to my website, “The Grey Pages – Winnipeg.” The other vendors I saw there were Wright 1 Care Inc., Friendly Caregiver Seniors Care, S.M.I.L.E. Fitness, Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear, and Comfort Keepers. There were a couple of others I didn’t get around to connecting with.

The fundraiser included selling a potted pansy which got the purchaser’s name into a raffle.IMG_4538

When it came to my turn, I spoke to about 60 people. It was a full house. Some even watched from the upper balcony! My topic was Dementia Caregiving and I used a power point presentation format. I referred to my book, “Caring for a Husband with Dementia: The Ultimate Survival Guide.” and educated the audience on dementia, caregiving, signs and symptoms of dementia, and what you can do. I also referred to my mobile app for iPhone and iPad called, “Dementia Caregiver Solutions” as well as my other services such as counselling and consulting. The audience was very attentive and some questions were asked about Lewy Body dementia and Frontotemporal dementia. A few were concerned about their own memory problems. Some current and former caregivers were there as well.

After I went back to my table, I answered many questions about memory concerns, family issues and how to get a diagnosis. My candies were a hit and all the jellies went very quickly (note to self-bring more jellies next time!).  I sold four copies of my book after the presentation.
IMG_4536 (1)

The other speaker was Elizabeth Murray, another Winnipeg author, who wrote a book called, “Holding on to Mamie. My Mother, Dementia and Me.” We swapped books. I am looking forward to reading her book as well.

I am very grateful to Leslie Fiorino, Director of Health and Wellness for inviting me to speak at the River Ridge Forget-Me-Not Fair. I am also grateful for all the new connections I have made. I look forward to more speaking engagements and providing education and support on all things related to aging and growing older.

Thanks for reading!

For more information on me, my products and services, please go to www.AngelaGGentile.com.

Have a great day!

Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW



One thought on “Purple Was the Colour to Wear!

  1. Virginia says:

    Caregiving spouses do not know what questions to ask their doctors. Their emotions are running on high. They don’t want to admit defeat. Your talk presented many of their issues that can be dealt with. This is a safe environment for all to gain knowledge. Thank you for your expertise.


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