Self-Help Survival Guide for Caregiving Wives

25 March 2015 | Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Much needed book for families affected by dementia

Angela G. Gentile, clinical social worker and specialist in aging, has written a self-help book for the wife of a husband who has dementia (also known as the “hidden patient”). Caring for a Husband with Dementia: The Ultimate Survival Guide is based on a confidence-boosting counselling program for stressed-out caregiving wives. The program developed by Gentile was a success and she shares what she learned with the goal of supporting other caregivers who may be struggling.

Although caregiving can be rewarding, a wife caring for a husband with dementia may feel alone, isolated and overwhelmed. The fear, stress and losses endured can be devastating and in some cases, life threatening. Gentile’s book aims to empower the caregiving wife by offering support, advice, tips and education, which is enhanced by the workbook style of learning.

Caregivers and family members will find support and advice in this easy-to-read book (180 pages). This caregiver companion will be referred to often, as it covers all the steps along the journey starting at time of diagnosis.

Check out the new accompanying app, Dementia Caregiver Solutions, for iPhone/iPad running on iOS 8.

“The book’s detailed content reflects the expertise and experience of the author. I highly recommend it, not only to wives of spouses with dementia, but to all who have an interest in dementia.” – Lynda Greaves, Retired Nurse

Angela G. Gentile, M.S.W., R.S.W. has helped hundreds of people who are struggling with the challenges aging can bring. She is passionate about challenging ageist myths and stereotypes and exploring what it means to age well. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband, two teenagers and Rocky, their lovable cockapoo. She considers herself a realistic optimist. Read more at


For high-resolution photos or more information, contact:
Angela G. Gentile | phone: (204)298-1012 | email


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