Addictions Counsellor Amber – Helping People Break Free From Their Addictions

Addictions Counsellor Amber

Amber Dittberner is an addictions counsellor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is known as “Addictions Counsellor Amber.” Her main focus is on counselling people with addictions, however she also helps with other issues such as anxiety and depression.

After achieving sobriety in 2011, Amber decided to focus on improving the lives of those living with problematic substance use by providing tools for assessment, goal-setting, strategies, education, and talk therapy. She supports accountability and offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help pave the road to recovery. As a recovered alcoholic herself, she states, “Helping others is so important both for myself and because I want others to break free from their addictions, too.”

I love helping others and seeing the changes that can be made in rebuilding a life that is sober and enjoyable!

– Amber Dittberner

Amber says, “Alcohol Should Be Banned” – View her popular YouTube video to hear her talk about why it should be banned.

Amber is a member and is on the board of the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She obtained her Applied Counselling Certificate specializing in addictions from the University of Manitoba.

Amber’s majority of clients are adult men and women, ranging from ages 21-50. She sees clients both in-person and virtually. Amber states, “Addiction affects those of all walks of life. There is still a stigma against addicts that needs to change. I try to help many though my social media posts by creating awareness. Lots of young people reach out looking for guidance.”

Addiction Counsellor Amber’s Office

People choose to see Amber because she has lived life experience. This can mean a lot to those struggling with an addiction to see someone who has the counselling education as well as having had the experience of struggling with addiction, recovery, and is living a sober life now. Amber provides the hope and strength needed during tough times.

Amber is dedicated to help people through their recovery journey. She is currently accepting new clients and would love to hear from you.

Where to reach Amber Dittberner:

Website: Addictions Counsellor Amber

Instagram: addictions.counsellor.amber

Facebook: Addictions Counsellor Amber

TikTok: addictionscounseloramber

YouTube: addictionscounselloramber

Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW


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