Heart, wing, goddess, butterfly, heart, angel charms in silver, gold and rose gold

Angela G. Gentile, Gentle Angel Treasures, @gatreasures

ACORN: Wealth, strength, happiness in marriage, luck, prosperity, youthfulness, power

ANCHOR: Hope, safety, security, Stability, sympathy, love

ANGEL: Guardian, protection, in honour of a loved one

ANGEL WING: Protection, in honour of a loved one

AXE: Success

BALLERINA: music, fluidity, creativity

BAT: Safe return home

BEAR: Bravery, Peace, Powerful, Motherhood

BEE: Success, enjoy life to the full, organization, productivity, nurture, family

BELIEVE: Believe in yourself

BELL: Scare off evil spirits

BIKE: Freedom

BIRD AND FEATHER: prayers carried to heaven on the wings

BOOT: Courage to stand on your own two feet

BOTTLE: Help to make important changes in your life

BUDDHA: Enlightenment within one’s own life

BUTTERFLY: Message from a loved one in spirit, transformation, fertility of the earth

CACTUS: Unconditional love, endurance, bravery

CADUCEUS: Ward of sickness, quarrels and brings peace

CAMERA: More objective in your decisions

CAR: To drive your life forward

CAT: Deep relaxed connection with self, curiosity, healing from inside out, intelligence, Independence

CLOVER: Each leaf represents health, wealth, love, and respect

COIN: Prosperity, good luck, good fortune

COMPASS: Past, present, future and infinity

COWBOY HAT: Status, power, freedom

CRESCENT MOON: Female divine energy, mother and child

CROSS: All four points protect you from every angle, life

CROWN: Power, triumph, honour, glory

DAISY: Love, freshness, motherhood

DEER: Love, grace, peace, beauty, abundance

DINOSAUR: Desires, moves life forward, helps you not to give up

DOG: Fidelity, loyalty, intelligence, protection

DOLPHIN: Protection, harmony, love, guidance.

DOOR: Willingness to accept new ideas

DOVE: Universal peace, happiness, faithfulness

DRAGON: Changes

DRAGONFLY: New Beginnings, opportunities, transformation

DRESS: To change your status in life

DUMMY: Soothing, support, calm yourself

EAGLE: Opportunity, protection, focus, determination, guardianship

ELEPHANT: Power, travel, promotion, happiness, stability in love and friendship

EIFEL TOWER: Paris, France, travel, adventure

EVIL EYE: Protects the wearer from evil eyes or negative spirits or energy. Traditionally they are blue. 

FAIRY: Beauty, femininity

FAITH: Complete trust in someone or something

FEATHER: Presence of an angel

FISH: Fertility

FLEUR DE LIS: Belief, purity, and beauty

FLOWER: Personal Growth, pleasant memories

FOOTBALL: Keeps you on life’s path, helps formulate ideas

FOOTPRINTS: Someone walks the path beside you

FOX: Smart; Intelligent

FROG: Fertility, healing, and cleansing

GECKO: Healing, survival, renewal

GIRAFFE: Vision, beauty, intelligence, gracefulness, patience

GLASSES: To see your true potential

GOBLET: Belief in yourself

GODDESS SPIRAL: She represents female power, strength and fertility. The spiral represents the path of life from birth, life, death and rebirth.

GREYHOUND: Pride and respect

GUN: Wealth, success, and prosperity

HAIRDRYER: Improvement in relationship or new romance

HALF PENNY: Prosperity

HAMMER: Protection through strength

HAMSA HAND: Symbolizes the hand of God. Inspires happiness, good health, good luck, and protection. 

PURSE or HANDBAG: To carry life’s essentials, determination, courage, strength and positivity

HANDCUFFS: Restraint, enclosure


HELM, SHIP’S WHEEL: To help change your direction in life

HOPE: To give you the strength to look forward

HORSE: Strength of character, power, grace, beauty, strength

HORSESHOE: No evil can pass

HUMMINGBIRD: Enjoyment of life, dispels negativity

INFINITY: Complete cycle, Eternal Friendship

JIGSAW PUZZLE PIECE: Helps you to fit in

KEY: Unlock the door to health, power, knowledge and life

LADYBIRD: Lucky, abundance, happiness, playfulness

LAUGH: What everyone needs in life

LEAF: Happiness, truth, renewals, youth

LION: Fearlessness, courage, strength, power, dignity, justice, resilience, having the power to be forward-thinking, and moving onward. 

LIZARD: Healing, survival, renewal

LOCK: Security

LOTUS: Purity (of heart and mind), long life, health, honour, and good luck.  Detachment, and spiritual enlightenment. 

MERMAID: Love, beauty, sensual

MICROPHONE: Self-expression


MOTORBIKE: Freedom and adventure

MUSHROOM: Happiness

MUSIC NOTE: Free spirit

OCTOPUS: Flexibility

OHM: Four stages of consciousness, spiritual state within yourself

OPEN UMBRELLA: Repels negativity

OWL: Nightmare protector, wisdom, change

OX: Power, strength, hospitality

PAINT PALLETTE:  The ability to bring harmony to the home

PASSPORT: Freedom, empowerment

PEACE SIGN: Peace (inner and world)

PEGASUS: Aspiring to the greatest heights of accomplishment


PENTAGRAM (STAR PENTAGON): Represents earth, air, fire, water and spirituality

PIG: Courage

PLANE: Ambition

PLAYING CARDS: Materiality, spirituality, love and power

PRAM: Positive change in the future

RABBIT: Birth, harmony, rebirth, growth, love, speed

ROCKING CHAIR: Comfort, safety, contentment

ROSE: Love, faith, beauty, passion


SAILBOAT: To be optimistic in all you do

SCISSORS: Cut the ties that bind, change

SEAHORSE: Contentment, friendliness

SEASHELL, CONCH: Rousing people from ignorance

SKULL: Power to think, ward off illness, strength, intelligence. The symbol of the skull reminds us to live life to its fullest. Encourages is to reflect on our mortality. While the skull acts as a reminder of death, it also carries an important message. Your time is limited, so you should make the most of it. Seize every day you have and live life to the fullest. Skulls can also symbolize the power of life. Skulls can be a symbol of toughness.

SNAIL: Self-Assurance, healing, change, fertility

SNAKE: Fertility, rejuvenation, rebirth and the cycle of life, immortality, heightened perception, wisdom, and healing

SPADE: To build your confidence

SPARTA HELMUT: Warrior, strength, overcoming obstacles, protection

SPIDER: Creativity, resourcefulness

SPOON: Strength; It’s okay to say No. Some people living with chronic illness, mental health issues, or neurodivergent diagnoses use something called Spoon Theory to manage energy levels on a daily basis. This Spoon Theory “Spoonie” charm is meant to symbolize your strength, but it is also meant to serve as a reminder that it is OK to say “no” because you just don’t have enough spoons in one day. In the disability community, wearing a spoon necklace can mean solidarity. 

STAR: Courage and purity of spirit, to reach for the stars with dreams and desires

STARFISH: Patience, Healing, sensitive

SUITCASE: To help reduce your problems

SUN: Healer of people, uplifting, positive life giving, happiness

SUNFLOWER: Adoration, loyalty, and longevity

SWALLOW: Love, safety, security, compassion

SWAN: Dreams, love, grace, union, partnership

SWIMMER: Get to know, appreciate yourself more

TAPE MEASURE: Evaluation, judgement

TEAPOT: Friendship

TEETH: Change in emotion, helps you to stay away from harmful people

TIGER: Ability to trust yourself

TOADSTOOL: Happiness

TRAIN: To help you stay on track

TREE OF LIFE: Life, family, generations, growth. Family strength and ties, link between heaven and earth

TRUCK: Journey towards goals and aims

TURTLE (HONU, SEA TURTLE): Endurance, protection, patience, strength, longevity. 

As a good luck charm: This wise, gentle, kind, and strong little sea turtle is a natural navigator and will help you navigate life, bringing you good luck. 

UNICORN: Purity, innocence, and enchantment

RAINDROP: Raindrops represent renewal. Raindrops symbolize getting rid of unhelpful ideas and feelings. Water symbolizes purification, rejuvenation, and rebirth. Water may erase previous mistakes and help you discover your real self.

WATERING CAN: Positive developments in your life

WHALE: Emotional Balance, healing, peaceful strength


WISH: Desire, hope

WISHBONE: Catch bad dreams, Make a wish

WISHING WELL: Makes a wish come true

WOLF: Loyalty, generosity, friendliness, compassion

WOOL, YARN: Life, happiness, quietness



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