“Cancer Up the Wazoo” – Upcoming Book Announcement

Cancer Up the Wazoo book cover

Cancer Up the Wazoo

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I have been working on a new book! It’s an anthology for people who have been affected by a rare form of cancer – anal cancer. I have a great group of writers who are putting together their experiences and thoughts and I am editing it and putting it all together. It will be professionally copy-edited and I will be self-publishing through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It will be available on Amazon. We are planning for a paperback copy. An electronic version will be provided if there is a demand for that.

The target date for release is in Fall 2018. If you want to be advised when the book is available, please contact me and I will put you on my notice list!

The book is inclusive and diverse and will have stories written by men and women. Friends and family members of those affected also have some advice and experience to share. We have contributions by teachers, professors, nurses, social workers, technicians, clinicians, principals, counsellors, personal support workers, and so many more! It will be helpful to anyone who is affected with cancer, especially anal cancer. Professionals, family members, caregiver, patients and survivors will enjoy this book. It will include almost everything you need to get through!

Topics in Cancer Up the Wazoo to include:

  • Anal Cancer – The Basics
  • For the Newly Diagnosed
  • Mental Health and Coping
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • List of Supplies You May Need
  • Positive Affirmations to Help You Get Through
  • A Transformational Journey Through Cancer
  • When a Close Friend Has Cancer
  • The Power of a Mother’s Love
  • Cancer Blessings
  • What Cancer “Taught” Me
  • Overcoming the Shame of Anal Cancer
  • The Seven Phases of the Cancer Journey
  • Moving On After Cancer
  • Etc.

There will be tons more! This book will have tips, support, resources, advice and especially HOPE for those who are going through this cancer experience. There are references to God and faith. There will also be some humor sprinkled throughout!

Warm regards,

Angela G. Gentile

P.S. There is still time to contribute if you want to have your voice heard!


Angela G. Gentile  MSW, RSW is a clinical social worker and author of the book, “Caring for a Husband with Dementia: The Ultimate Survival Guide”, “A Book About Burnout: One Social Worker’s Tale of Survival” and the “Dementia Caregiver Solutions” app for iPhone and iPad. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and has two adult children. For more information, visit: www.AngelaGGentile.com







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