Friendly Computer Tutor for Hire

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Do you have a tablet, cell phone, handheld device, computer, laptop, desktop, or e-reader that you don’t know how to use? Needing help with certain programs? Want to learn something? Connect with distant relatives and friends?

Do you want to have someone you can trust come to your home to help you learn how to use it? Or alternatively, meet in a public place?

I am a friendly, tech-savvy, patient, vaccinated, registered social worker, and I specialize in helping older adults. I would love to assist you.

Here are some things I can help with (not a complete list):

> Facebook

> email

> photos/videos

> camera feature

> apps

> Google

> Windows

> Safari

> Microsoft Word

> Facetime/Skype/etc. (video calls)

> games

> Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Radio

> Netflix/Amazon Prime/Youtube

> online ordering

> software updates

> reviewing security and privacy settings

> troubleshooting

> self-publishing books or articles (blogs)

*NO computer science, programming, or coding tutoring available at this time. 

NOTE: “Tutoring service” qualifies as a medical expense for your tax return in certain situations. Inquire for more details. 

BONUS: Pet Therapy is also available. Berkeley is a registered Havanese (small, fluffy, friendly dog) who enjoys to visit and love people up!

Berkeley, the Havanese

Please contact me if you are interested in a FREE 20-minute consultation to see if I can help you. After the first 20 minutes, the fee is $20 per hour. My hours are very flexible – daytime, evenings, and weekend appointments available. Inquire about packages and group rates. Winnipeg, Manitoba only.

Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW


One thought on “Friendly Computer Tutor for Hire

  1. Sheila says:

    Fabulous!!!! And to think. I get this all for free … but I do have some questions still. Lol Good luck with this , I am 100 percent sure it will be a hit. Everyone needs this ! Love Sheila

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