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Guest Post: Pharmacist Judy Lee-Wing, Consultant on Cannabis

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Are you not sure if cannabis (marijuana) is safe to use, but you want to try it for your chronic back, wrist, shoulder, or knee pain? You are not alone. Many people are considering cannabis to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and stiffness. (Note: Cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use in Canada.)

Be careful. Natural doesn’t mean safe.

For example, it has been reported that a marijuana lollipop having 90 mg of THC caused a 70-year-old man to have a heart attack. He tried it on his own without consulting anyone.

Many pharmaceutical medications are found naturally in plants such as digoxin in the Foxglove plant, quinine in the Chinchona tree, and aspirin in the White Willow bark. Pharmacist Judy advises to “know before you go.”

About Judy

Judy Lee-Wing is a licensed Pharmacist Consultant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with over 25 years of diverse pharmacy experience including management, caring for people in the community, long-term care, and in the hospital.

Judy is:

  • committed to promoting the safe and appropriate use of medications
  • dedicated to serving others by providing excellent pharmaceutical care
  • interested in collaborating with healthcare providers and others to promote health and wellness

Judy’s story

“I was very skeptical at first, but after having made a topical cannabinoid remedy for my chronic pain, I became convinced of the usefulness and effectiveness of cannabis. I was looking for cannabidiol (CBD) to relieve pain and swelling but was looking for something other than ingesting oils or inhaling or vaping cannabis. I did not want anything affecting my cognitive function, and I wanted something of high quality that worked faster than in two hours. Hence, I made my own topical botanical CBD tincture as I wanted a pharmaceutically elegant, good quality product to use as a rub on the skin or to incorporate into a cream. I chose a tincture as it is alcohol-based rather than oil-based and by nature less greasy, which is my preference.”

– Judy Lee-Wing

What Judy Offers

For a consultation fee, Judy makes topical botanical tinctures, creams, and oils customized for you. Her service includes assessment, medication review, product sampling, and follow up. For a nominal fee, Judy can also safely and professionally incorporate your own CBD oil into an OTC base that is appropriate for you. This would also include follow-up. She will donate a portion of the proceeds to Riverview Health Centre to go towards buying items for the older adults who live there.

As a pharmacist, Judy plays a much-needed role in working to ensure the safe and appropriate use of cannabis. Pharmacists work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to optimize health outcomes. By performing medication reviews and consults, pharmacists can help to identify possible drug-related problems, interactions, side effects, and adverse drug reactions which might occur in combination with existing medications.

NAME THAT MEDICATION CONTEST! We need your help with finding a name for Judy’s products! (see information below for more details on how you could win a $25 Gift Certificate to Tim Horton’s — Canadian residents only). For now, she will use Judy’s Botanical PharmaTincture and Judy’s Botanical PharmaCream.

Judy’s Botanical PharmaTincture is highly effective in relieving pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness. She does not know all of the uses yet, and she is still discovering and eagerly listening to everyone’s amazing stories! The tincture has an alcohol smell which dissipates in less than one minute, leaving a mild, fresh scent. Customized for you, essential oils like lavender can be added as a fragrance and for a combined therapeutic effect. Judy recommends using a moisturizer as needed.

Judy’s Botanical PharmaCream is the botanical tincture (mentioned above) combined with a pharmaceutical over-the-counter (OTC) cream, customized for you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel as these products are highly regulated and have proven therapy. Customization promotes the safe and appropriate use of medications and enhances the optimal relief of pain, swelling, and stiffness. The medicinal ingredients work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness to relieve pain and inflammation.


“This product has helped my son’s back so much. He has two herniated disks. He puts it on before bed & when he wakes he can actually get out of bed without using any assistance (a broom). He saw great relief after three days. Over the years, my husband’s shoulder had a lot of hockey injury issues. He started using it at night & the pain is gone by morning! Amazing product. Thank You, Judy” – K. & G.

Judy’s products have a natural sanitizer

Organic oils and creams, by nature, may contain ingredients which can degrade or go rancid. Additionally, organic oils and creams may be prone to bacterial and mould growth. In Judy’s Botanical PharmaTincture and Botanical PharmaCream, the alcohol in the tincture is a natural sanitizer.

Judy’s specialties

Judy sees cannabinoids as she sees other medications. She has a particular interest in helping those who are curious about using cannabinoids topically for pain, inflammation, and muscle stiffness, particularly:

  • Middle-aged and older adults

Many older adults are sensitive to medications, including cannabis and are already on a complex medication regime. Topical rather than oral medications may help to reduce pill burden.

  • Athletes or former athletes

Athletes are at risk for overuse of pain-relieving medications and opioids. Applying topicals may help to decrease risk.

  • Young adults

Research has shown that the brain is not fully developed until age 25 so youth are especially vulnerable to the effects of cannabis on brain development and function. Topical is preferred over vaping, smoking or ingesting to help to relieve minor pain.

  • Pets

Improved options for pain-relieving topicals for pets.

***Please discuss with your physician, veterinarian, or health care provider prior to use.***


“Judy is awesome! She is very caring, friendly and knowledgeable. Her consult is worth every penny. The tincture works great for the pain in my wrist that has been bothering me for years. Thanks.” – Mike

Some additional points

  • Please consult with a physician prior to using topicals. If medical attention is required, please seek medical attention.
  • Ingesting, smoking, or vaping cannabis is not appropriate in people at risk of psychosis or schizophrenia, cannabis use disorder, or heart conditions.
  • Customized topical CBD remedies including Botanical PharmaTincture and PharmaCream works almost instantly in a lot of cases.
  • Ingesting oil or capsules may take up to 1.5 hours for effect. Your customized remedy works to relieve pain and inflammation before oral kicks in.


Name that remedy contest! We are brainstorming for ideas for a name and need your help!

For now, we are using Judy’s Botanical PharmaTincture and Judy’s Botanical PharmaCream but we are looking for a new name! Submit your wonderful ideas to our “Name that Medication” contest by emailing Judy at The chosen winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Tim Horton’s. Contest open to Canadian residents only and closes March 31, 2019.


Resource information

1. Health Canada – Cannabis Education Resources.
2. Judy Lee-Wing attends cannabis workshops, conferences, webinars, continually researches the topic on the internet and very importantly, talks to people.

Questions? Please email Judy at, phone or text (204) 488-0812 (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).

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