dōTERRA Essential Oils & Aromatherapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba


doTERRA Essential Oils Sample, Winnipeg, Manitoba

My first experience with essential oils was when an older man I was assessing told me he was using “Tea Tree Oil” on his toenails as he had developed a toenail fungus. He applied this essential oil to his toenails at night and he said it was helping restore his toenails back to a healthy state.

The next time I heard about essential oils was when my husband was given an oral spray made with oregano essential oil that he could use for his acid reflux. How could this help, I wondered?

Then I started to hear about room sprays. Some were chemically-based, while others had pure, natural ingredients. The spa I visited had “lemongrass ritual” essential oils infused into the air. The massage therapist used “Japanese mint oil” on my back. Thermea uses many different types of essential oils, such as orange and pine. I’d see them (and smelled them!) in the mall at Saje and Escents. I started to have an aversion to products with “fragrances” from places like Bath and Body Works. I started learning more about toxic chemicals.

My love affair with learning more about natural plant-based products was born!

I have been learning a lot over the past year about different essential oils and I am amazed at their emotional and physical health benefits. Whether it’s lavender to help you sleep or lemongrass to help uplift your spirits, these natural plant products have scientific backing and their popularity is growing. There are many therapeutic properties in the natural essences of plants and flowers, too many to mention here!

The problem is, as a person new to essential oils, you can become very overwhelmed with information on the internet. There are different qualities of oils as well. I have purchased the most inexpensive ones at the drug store and off eBay, only to find out they don’t work and who knows what’s in them!

My search was on for a reputable company. I looked at Young Living Essential Oils. I compared. I read. I watched videos. Finally I found a company that was right for me – dōTERRA (pronounced doe-terra which means “Gift of the Earth”). Their products are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).  They came to Canada (June 2016) and the company has been in operation since 2008.

As a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA essential oils here in Winnipeg, I would love to speak to you about how essential oils can help you. I offer free consultations and classes and I have a website you can go to to see the products guide.

If you want more information on dōTERRA, or essential oils, please let me know! I’d love to share my knowledge and products with you!


Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW – Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils.




3 thoughts on “dōTERRA Essential Oils & Aromatherapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  1. virginia wilson says:

    In the Victorian Days when women swooned “The Vapours” they would be offered smelling salts to bring them back. What was in that?


    • Angela G. Gentile says:

      I did a little research on Vapours and Smelling Salts on Wikipedia. Very interesting. Long time ago, it was thought that taking a whiff of ammonia would bring back a woman who had fainted, or was in some kind of emotional distress – “hysteria.” Sometimes it was combined with lavender or eucalyptus. There has been no scientific evidence to prove it’s effectiveness and is no longer used. Check Wikipedia if you are curious for more details! Thanks for reading.


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